انجمن سبز پاژین Bane Green Association

پارێزه‌رانی ژینگه (انجمن سبز سابق)

The activities in 1379/2000

The activities of the association in 2000

1.       A warnings people about the effects of burning tire and rubbers on the occasion tract, pamphlet and placard, which were, fortunately, useful and we have, at least 40% pollution less than last year (Nawroz 78).

2.       Encouraging people for accumulating rubbish and tires and some others materials which are difficult to analysis in Nawroz 13th (nature's day) and transporting these materials and taking them away to some special places by municipality.

3.       Encouraging people about saving environment on Fridays and a warning them to keep the parks and some places for picnic to the cleaned' and gathering garbage in such places.

4.       Helping water department in rationing water.

5.       Advising people about how to use water in the best way.

6.       The members of the association cleaned ARBABA mountain lone of the most beautiful mountain in the town in SHAHRIWAR 28th.

7.       this association cooperated with municipality and the council of town in order to clean the river of the town in last year.

8.       addressing students in guidance and high schools about the programs of eco.

9.       Addressing teachers about these programs.

10.    Giving lectures about" How to support eco".

11.    The general members of the association participated the meetings of the town council and the made decisions about transporting milch and domestic animals inside the town to out of the town.

12.    The association suggested agriculture department about the way of distribution of chemical fertilities and poisons which are harmful among farmers (considering the expert's reserches in order to prevent pollution of water and killing useful insects.

13.    Cooperation with natural resources department in awaring people in the country about keeping trees and protecting forests.

14.    preparing essays about the relationship between economy and eco (specially in Bane)

15.    During this year' a meeting has been held by the attempts of the members and they invited many people of the town and Dr Talebi (a member of engineers without border) and Dr.Milani (The professor of university)

16.   Planting zoo shoots of tree in the streets as a symbolic movement in 11/12/1379 by the cooperation of the office of education and municipality.

The association goals

1.     Public learning about protecting environment.

2.     Endeavor in keeping our natural environment clean and to prevent destroying natural resources and dissemination of this civility.

3.     Developing and raising the level of nature quality and improving the way of life in the regard of keeping environment.

4.     Cooperation with the whole associations and councils' whether government or not and international which are relate to the goals of eco.

5.     Doing research and study in the case of natural resources and eco and presenting new methods.

The kind of activities

All of the association's activities are nonpolitical and are nono profit and of observe the general law of Iran and this is our articles of a association.

1. publish learning by the use of different educational ways.

2. presenting new methods in order to keep the environment in some industrial and civil affairs.

3. publishing a magazine by the name of (Zhinge) which in containing the news about eco and research essays' suggestion and criticism.

4. Propaganda about the presentation of correct methods of consumption and production which are agreeable with eco in society.

5. Cooperation in saving and developing national parks' preserved zones' shelters for wild animals' natural work and green space.

6. Discovering the centers of polluting eco and reflecting it to the officials.

7. Presenting new method for preventing the pollution of water' soil' air and sound pollution to the officials.

8. We tried to exist such a good space that young peoples become familiar with nature by some plans for decreasing the mental stresses